Oh Lookie Lookie

Dedicated to our favorite past time, Looking for cars online! Here you will find the most outrageous, desirous, goofy, or most questionable car we found on Ebay Motors.  It could be a good deal or a joke. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry. We hope you enjoy checking it out.

Did you know that you can purchase a million dollar plus Bugatti Veyron on ebay Motors?

Even though it just turned 2010, we may have found the “POS” of the year award winner HERE An AMC Pacer parts car. Free entrance to the Concours d’Lemons included.

If you have 30 minutes to spare then please go ahead and read this guys 3000 word essay on this “Coyote X” movie car. Click HERE

Do you need something that gets great mileage? Try a King Midget click HERE

I actually got to ride in one last summer. Went down the launch ramp at speed and hit the water. Full on wave over the hood and off the windshield entry. It’s a car and a boat. It does neither very well. Here is a restored one if you don’t have the time, click HERE

And here is the 2010 version of the Amphicar, the DOBBERTIN HYDROCAR Amphibian. click HERE

Do you have one to submit? eventinfo@bench-racing.com